We are a full service architecture design studio that uses the Indian traditional architectural principles or Vaastu Shastra at its core. By incorporating the Pancha Bhootas (Five elements) in our designs, we bring to the table a certain level of cultural belonging and modern sensibilities.



From conception to getting the interiors of your property just right, we provide the entire gamut of services.

We understand that selecting a location for your dream home, office or restaurant can be a daunting task. We come from a level of expertise that will ease this process for you. We help our clients select the right piece of the planet to suit accessibility needs and also match budget constraints. From villas to condominiums, pent-houses to bachelor pads, restaurants to high rise pubs, hospitals to shopping malls, we help you take the first step.

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Here, we dig deep to understand the needs of the project and also your consideration sets to help chalk out a plan and timelines. Along with the physical conditions of the property, we also analyse the alignment of the project with the elements and the development of a vaastu or Feng Shui driven project to ensure a strong living and thriving environment for you and dear ones.

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This phase brings the project to life on paper and pixels. We bring state-of-the-art technology to design 3D renders and models that incorporate necessary elements.

Whether you need to move walls around, change colors, schematics or choose the type of arrangement, it's all done here.

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Brick and mortar take center stage! The process goes from diagram to the actual structure. We handle the execution or hand-over the design documents and specifications to the construction administrator to take things forward.

We also handle construction and administration through our team of dedicated professionals and driven vendors to complete the project to the dot and deliver well within timelines.

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Stunning homes happen with good interiors. Wall-mounted lamps, patio sets or maybe a bar cabinet is what your house needs from the oomph factor. We help decorate the inside of your building with elan to leave your guests spellbound. We say a building without good interiors is a wasted effort.

Keeping your garden decked up or your backyard ready for the next barbecue with friends and family will is the sole focus in this stage.

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We do what we love and love what we do.

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