About Us

We wake up every morning with the drive to create beautifully soul warming and serene homes for people who want to live in spaces that are fulfilling to them and their loved ones. Connecting these structures with the surrounding habitat is our way of giving back to our Mother Earth.

By allowing the rays of the sun to enter your homes through just the right gaps, we make it a place to experience the divine. Our core focus is to find the right amalgamation of the Pancha Bhutas (Five elements) to play a vital role in the fabric of your walls.

Guided by the need to do the best work of our lives at all times, we promise to deliver work of fine grain  with great quality of service, to help you realize you the dream of your own loveable piece of the land with heart-warming ambience and calm.

Starting off with a flair for great design and awestruck at the magic that good architecture can create, Sushama V Nair has spent a span of more than 20 years of her life immersed and fine-tuning her trade each passing day. She lives hoping to impact the lives of people by invigorating them with a fresh zest for life with the places they live in.

Visualizing and taking the client’s dream to a mesmerizing reality has always been Sushama Nair’s foremost motto. Her designs are a true translation of modern lifestyle, keeping in pace with the times (sometimes even being ahead of their time).

Constantly experimenting with new solutions for problems, she bring to the table the right mix of credibility, innovation and a certain sense of dependability where beyond a point, all her customers just let go and allow her to weave her magic.

Sushama Nair leads a team of, dedicated and always hungry-to-learn, vendors, designers and developers.

The squad is carefully vetted and hand-picked by Sushama Nair, to align with the goals and values of the firm. Working with her is an experience of learning and growth for everybody involved.  She enables a sense of ownership and thereby fosters the objective of being original, on-time and effective in terms of delivery and keeping the customers delighted at all times. If you’re looking to do some great work in the field, <<links to a form>>join us<</links to a form>>.