Real Estate Guidance

We help clients with selecting site for the project,  with a thorough  analysis of the potential and/or any limitations so that they make informed decisions. Along with this, Vaastu analysis for all types of buildings, residences, offices, commercial, industrial projects is a core offering.

Architectural Solutions

Here, we help with ideation, planning and coming up with the needed schematics, drawings and elevations. These include 2D and 3D elevations, engineering estimates and cost analysis that factor in the budget constraints of a project. Also, planning and getting together the dream team for each project is our core strength.

Engineering and co-ordination

We work with multiple civil engineers and vendors to help get the execution of the planned layouts and schematics delivered well within timelines. We work across geos and with varied teams to ensure there is a good cross-pollination of ideas and finesse in the final delivered structure. 

Interior Design

Complete makeovers of existing properties or as an added service to upcoming ones, we manage design and décor to enhance the style of architecture used and to complete the overall look of every single room. 

Online Design Consultancy

Distance isn’t an issue with our online services. This is ideal and recommended if you’re staying abroad or in a different city and are looking to get access to traditional Kerala architecture services, we make that happen through cutting edge communication and collaboration tools. 

Online Vaastu Consultancy

Vaastu shastra simply means the science of the architecture and is derived from an ancient Indian tradition for building homes, businesses, etc. This service is mainly for clients who need these services remotely for properties. We collaborate with architects and contractors around the world to ensure authentic Vaastu practices are followed.